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Asylum and Immigration Evaluations

Asylum and immigration evaluations play a critical role in supporting individuals seeking protection or immigration relief.
At Ability Psychological Services, we provide comprehensive evaluations to assess individuals' unique circumstances and challenges in the immigration process.
A team of experienced professionals, including licensed clinical psychologists, psychological associates and psychological trainees (under supervision of a licensed clinician), conduct our evaluations.
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We offer thorough evaluations for psychiatric and/or developmental challenges to provide an accurate diagnosis and guide the development of tailored treatment plans and service recommendations.

Extreme Hardship

Our neurodevelopmental evaluations assess intellectual functioning and adaptive skills to determine the presence and severity of intellectual disability. We employ a comprehensive evaluation process that combines standardized tests, clinical interviews, and developmental assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual's cognitive abilities. This information allows us to provide appropriate recommendations and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities and related disorders.


Learning disabilities can impact an individual's academic performance, social interactions, and overall well-being. Our neurodevelopmental evaluations focus on identifying the presence of specific learning difficulties and understanding how they can affect an individual's learning process. Through a comprehensive assessment of cognitive abilities, academic skills, and information processing, we aim to provide accurate diagnoses and develop targeted interventions to support individuals with learning disabilities.


T-Visa evaluations are conducted to assess and document the eligibility criteria for individuals who have been victims of severe human trafficking. Our evaluations aim to provide comprehensive documentation of the individual's trafficking experience, including physical, psychological, and emotional impacts, in alignment with the requirements set by the USCIS.


U-Visa evaluations are conducted to support individuals who have been victims of certain crimes and are cooperating with law enforcement to investigate or prosecute those crimes. Our evaluations focus on assessing the individual's eligibility for a U-Visa by documenting the qualifying crime's physical, psychological, and emotional consequences.


VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) evaluations are conducted to support individuals who have experienced domestic violence and are seeking immigration relief through the VAWA provisions. Our evaluations aim to assess the abuse's physical, psychological, and emotional consequences to provide comprehensive documentation for the immigration application process.
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